Hilton Rounds

Round Dance Teaching & Cueing

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Click on the title to view the cue sheet for each song. Titles in bold denote our newest choreography.

Just A Little Talk With Jesus (TS II+1)

Last Waltz of the Evening (WZ III+1)

Lips Are Movin' (CH IV+2)

Long Long Journey (ST V+0+3)

Louisiana Man (TS II+1)

Low Down Blues (JV III)

Man In Love (JV V+1)

Marble Halls (WZ VI)

Michael Row Your Boat Ashore (TS III)

Minion Mambo (MB IV+0+1)

Mohair Sam (JV V+2) video

Mull of Kintyre (WZ III+2)

My Heart Cries For You (WZ III+1)

My Own Lovely Lee (WZ V+2)

Okie From Muskogee (TS II+2)

Old Time Rock & Roll (JV IV+2)

One More Hour (WZ V+1)

Painted Tainted Rose (FT III+1)

Papa Joe's (TS II+1)

Remember Your Smile (WZ V+0+1)

Rockin' Alone (WZ II+0+1)

Rollin' In the Deep (CH IV+2)

Rumors (CH III)

Scarlet Ribbons (WZ IV)

Seemann (FT IV+2)

Skid Row (TS II+1)

Smokin' In the Boys Room (JV III+2)

Someday (ST IV+2)